2018 Xiaoxiang 100 Langshan International Trail Running Race

I Introduction

Langshan, with the gorgeous landscape of height, steepness, depth, length and narrowness integrated, and the scenery of mighty, wonder, risk, tranquility and elegance in combination, is one of the most enchanting places of interest in China, which also has been listed in the World Natural Heritage List for its classical Danxia landform. High and low scattered Danxia peak clusters and zigzag ravines are spread alternately; stone pinnacles and peristeles are of variety in form and unending in spreading; tall and huge cliffs and deep canyons are everywhere to be seen. No wonder that Professor Paul Williams loves Langshan at the first sight, and Professor Chen Guoda, the academic founder of Danxia Landform, even gave out the feeling of regret for not to have known Langshan before.

Sometimes as you slow down your pace, stand at the top of the Octagonal Pavilion (Bajiaoting), and look far into the distance with the following scenery appreciated. The water of the Fuyi River is crystal clear blue, and the flowers and forests in the wild are dark red and light green in color; the ancient dwellings with gray tiles and white walls are built around mountains with bridges on gurgling rivers; old forts, fortresses and temples are hidden in the mountains; red Danxia cliffs, green mountains, sites, and farmhouses are integrated in perfect harmony, adding radiance to each other and forming an integral natural picture.

On the 100 km trail running race, you will feast your eyes on the beauty and grace of Fuyi River, the height and length of the world’s first ally, the breathtaking feeling of the Bajiaozhai, the length of Asia’s longest Tiansheng Bridge, the steepness of the Candle Peak, gorgeous color of Red Cliff (Honghua chibi), the handsome of the General Stone, and the peculiarity of Camel Peak. It is certain that you will also enjoy the endless ridges and jungles in the Dayun Mountains, the mysterious and scenic primitive forests in Mount Shunhuang, the steep slopes in Jin Ziling, and the desperate fire barrier zone.

The first Langshan International Trail Running Race was concluded successfully on October 14th in 2017. Xinning County, the unique natural scenery in Langshan in particular, together with the professional and dedicated spirits of the organizing committee, the rich supply and warm and thoughtful service undoubtedly impressed every participant from afar deeply. Meanwhile, the bad weather condition left every participants with unforgettable experience: evil wind was howling on the torturing track, with freezing raindrops finding their ways into the whole body; thick fog was filling in the air covering the road ahead, so that every step you took needed persistence and more people found their way but on the verge of collapse. I was on pins and needles in the command room. For the sake of securing participants’ safety, the organizing committee decisively stopped the game, and transferred all the participants down the mountains overnight. The moment we received the last ones on the Baiyun Mountains that we were exhausted to even have hallucinations. Every moment of that sleepless night is still vivid in my mind. So beautiful and torturing as Langshan is, which always lingers in your and my dream. In 2018, the Second Langshan International Trail Running Race is about to meet you during May 18th and 20th. With infinite spring scenery, pleasant weather and mountains flowers in full bloom, you are the only one we are waiting for!


II Organization

Event Operation:Hunan Yufeng Sport Culture Co., Ltd

Event Time: May 18 to 20, 2018

Event Place: Xinning • China

Group Types: 100-km/ 55-km/ 30-km groups/ 7-km experience group

Event Scale: 200 persons/ 500 persons/ 600/200 persons, 1,500 persons in total

Starting Time: At 7:00 on May 19, 2018

Starting Point: Visitor Center of Langshan Scenic Area (the North Gate) • Xinning

Application Period: From Feb. 1 to Apr. 30, 2018


III Track Description

(1) 30-km Group

The route and elevation map of 30-km Group

Visitor Center of Langshan Scenic Area (Starting Point) → Jiangjia Tan → Tianyi Lane →Pan Stone → Chilli Peak (sp1) → Camel Peak (cp1) → Tiansheng Bridge →Mishai Zhai (cp2/sp2) → Gate of Baijiao Zhai (Final Point), with cumulative climbing and descending heights of 1,496 m and 1,147 m respectively.

Site Settings of 30-km Group

Road Condition Analysis of 30-km Group


(2) 55-km Group

The route and elevation map of 55-km Group

Visitor Center of Langshan Scenic Area (Starting Point) → Jiangjia Tan → Tianyi Lane →Pan Stone → Chilli Peak (sp1) → Camel Peak (cp1) → Tiansheng Bridge → Mishai Zhai (cp2/sp2) → Gate of Baijiao Zhai → (sp3) Yuntai Temple in Baijiao Zhai (cp3 return point) → Lianzi Chong → Jiangjia Cun (cp4/sp4) → Xiashi Tian →Jipa Ling (cp5/sp5) → Zixia Hole → Flower Fairy Valley → Visitor Center of Langshan Scenic Area (Final Point), with cumulative climbing and descending heights of 2,312 m and 2,312 m respectively.

Sites data of 55-km Group


Road Condition Analysis of 55-km Group


(3) 100-km Group

The route and elevation map of 100-km Group

Fuyi Cun (Starting Point) → Xujia Ao (cp1/sp1) → Zihua Ping (cp2/sp2) → Primeval Secondary Forests (cp3/sp3) → Dayun Mountains (cp4/sp4)→ Changchong (cp5/sp5) → Daxing Cun (cp6/sp6) → Village Committee of Xiaoshi (cp7/sp7) → Chentian Bridge → Tianxin Cun → Huangbei Cun → Mishai Zhai (cp8/sp8) → Camel Peak (cp9) → Chilli Peak (sp9) → Pan Stone → Tianyi Lane → Jiangjia Tan → Visitor Center of Langshan Scenic Area (Final Point).

Site Settings of 100-km Group

Road Condition Analysis of 100-km Group


The route of 7-km Experiencing Group: North Gate of Langshan Scenic Area (Starting Point) → Jiangjia Tan → Parking Lot of the Tianyi Lane Scenic Area (Final Point), with 2h for closing period.

Note: The organizing committee won’t provide the ferry bus from the Tianyi Lane to the North Gate after 10:00, so participants of the experiencing group had better take the bus return to the North Gate within the prescribed time.


IV Notes for Application

Special tip: Within the principle of justice for every participant, once the application is succeeded, the organizing committee won’t accept the quota transfer, the registration cancellation and group changes application for any reason. Thus, we sincerely ask all runner friends to consider carefully and apply prudently.

(1) Event Items and Application Fee

Note: The application fee includes the one 180-yuan valued ticket for the Langshan Scenic Spot, the end race suit, the entry package, the entry clothing, and the event insurance, the fees for ferry bus round trip covering from the visitor center (North Gate) starting point, and all final points to starting points of every event as well as all final points to the county.

1. 7-km Experiencing Group with 200 persons only,

2. 30-km Public Group with 600 persons only,

3. 55-km Elite Group with 500 persons only,

4. 100-km Master Group with 200 persons only.

Application Deadline: Apr. 30, 2018


How to enjoy the veteran price: the one who participated in the 2017 Xiaoxiang 100 Trail Series and have registered for the 2018 Xiaoxiang 100Tianmen Mountain International Trail Race can all enjoy the veteran price.

(2) Application Conditions

This is a long-distance trail race with high risk, so participants need to meet the strict requirements. All participants should be in good health, and have participated in the long-term training and races for trail running. Therefore, the organizing committee puts forth requirements for participants as follows:

1. Requirements for 100-km Master Group: participants, aging from 20 (born before May 19, 1998) to 65 (born after May 19, 1953), being in good health with no cardiovascular diseases, should provide one end race certificate for 100-km level trail or two end race race certificates for 50-km and more trail in recent two years.

2. Requirements for 55-km Elite Group: participants, aging from 20 (born before May 19, 1998) to 65 (born after May 19, 1953), being in good health with no cardiovascular diseases, should provide the end race certificate for the full marathon in recent one year or the end race certificate for 50-km and more trail within two years.

3. Requirements for 30-km Public Group: participants, aging from 18 (born before May 19, 2000) to 65 (born after May 19, 1953), being in good health with no cardiovascular diseases, should provide the end race certificate for the half marathon or 30-km and more trail in the recent one year.

4. Requirements for 7-km Experiencing Group: participants, aging from 10 (born before May 19, 2008) to 65 (born after May 19, 1953), being in good health with no cardiovascular diseases, should have adequate exercise basis.

5. Medical examination on your own before the event in second-senior or above class hospitals are advised to contain the following aspects:

①cardiac and cardiovascular; ②blood pressure and cerebrovascular; ③cardiac; ④blood sugar; ⑤other necessary aspects for participating in mountain trail activities.

6. Notice: Please make sure if your physical condition is allowed to participate in the long-distance trail running race, and the requirements and possible risks should not be neglected. Let’s show respects for science, for families and for life.

Note: when registered, all participants must carry your ID card, originals or copies of relevant end race certificates to get the supplies.

7. Timing bracelets and GPS locators

①To guarantee participants’ personal safety, the organizing committee provides participants of 100-km group and 55-km group with GPS locators that will be delivered to them as they get the entry package.

②As demanded by the equipment supplier, every GPS locator will be charged for 400 yuan as the real price as a deposit that will be repaid as the equipment returned. If the equipment were lost or damaged, the deposit will be the compensation.

③Participants of 30-km group are only delivered with timing bracelets with the deposit of 100 yuan as its cost that will be repaid as the equipment returned. If it were lost or damaged, the deposit will be the compensation.

Note: the experiencing group is without being timed, so participants of this group don’t need to pay deposit for the timing bracelets.

8. Application

①Time: Feb. 1 to Apr. 30 in 2018.

②Method: visit the official website or other cooperative registration websites within the time and fill in the application form as required;

③Precautions: please fill in the truly application information of the participants carefully, and no modification is accessible once the online application information is affirmed and submitted. The application and eligibility would be canceled if the information were wrong.

④Once the application and payment succeeded while the participants can’t take part in the event, the application fee will not be repaid. The entry quota can’t be transferred and the group type should not be changed. The eligibility of the private transferor will be canceled, and the transferor and transferee will never be allowed to take part in the Xiaoxiang 100 series. Meanwhile, they will be reported to other event organizations as a record.


V Race Rules

1. The eligibility of participants with any one of the following acts will be canceled:

Using any motor or wheel vehicles;

Disobeying the marked track but to take the shortcut;

Littering on the track and destroying plants or animals intentionally;

Transferring the eligibility.

2. The number cloth must be put in front of the suit to be clearly seen at any time, and the bracelet must be wear through the whole journey. If it were damaged or lost, the wearer should compensate as the cost with his or her competition results canceled.

3. Participants who give up in halfway must get to the closest sp/cp points, and the injured unable to walk can call the organizing committee to wait for rescue.

4. Participants arriving at the cp point after the closing time must quit the race initiatively.

5. All participants must carry the mandatory equipment as required be the organizing committee through the whole journey, which will be checked at the checking points. If it is found to be lack or without equipment, the eligibility will be canceled.

6 . If there is the force majeure factor such as weather that cause the race unable to continue as scheduled, the hosts have the right to change the route or time.

7. The organizing committee will provide participants with food and drinks at SP points, but the water containers should be taken by yourselves.

8. Participants can take a small amount of cash to buy food and supplies.

9. Participants should take care and get close to the roadside as on the drive road; no play in the water as on the track along the reservoir, stream, and waterfalls.

10. Material list for participants to take

11. When registered, every participant will be charged 500 yuan on site as a deposit for the timing bracelets and GPS locator, which will be repaid as the equipment returned with the number cloth.

12. Rankings and bonuses: bonus details (unit: Yuan) for each group (male/ female) with a personal income tax of 20 percent.

Special awards for 100-km group:

The male participants with end race result within 13 h (including 13 h) and the female within 15 h (including 15 h) will be awarded with a trophy (the name will be determined later) together with 1,000 Yuan pre-tax bonus (the bonus above is not released cumulatively that if someone win both the two awards and only the highest one can be released).

The organizing committee sets the “Deity” bonus pool with an amount of RMB 20,000 Yuan. Only the male participants with end race result within 10.5 h (including 10.5 h) and the female within 11.5 h (including 11.5 h) are able to enjoy such award. If there are many people can end the race within the time, and then they can share the bonus (this bonus can be released cumulatively). If there is no one can win this bonus in this year, which can be accumulated automatically to the event held next year until there is someone can get the bonus. The organizing committee will re-inject cash bonus into the “Deity” bonus pool and the amount and rules are to be determined.


VI Entry Information

一. Precautions:

1. Participants’ registration and entries’ release: the organizing committee is not allowed to get the package on behalf of others, so all participants need to register at the north gate of Langshan scenic area with the confirmation letter, the original ID card and relevant end race certificates in the required time, as well as with their mandatory equipment checked and get the number cloth and the entry package.

2. Technical briefing meeting: at the north gate of Langshan scenic area (tentative). It is suggested that all participants attend, and it is at your own risk if you fail to attend the meeting and miss the latest news of the race.

3. Time and place of the race: each group will be checked in the record unitedly during 5:30 and 6:50 on May 19 in the north gate of Langshan scenic area, and 55-km group, 30-km group, and 7-km group start the race with the same gun shot at 7:00. The participants of 100-km group will be ferried to the starting point at Fuyi Cun at 7:10 and begin running at 8:00.

4. Participants’ ferry and transfer: all transfer work will be arranged by the organizing committee.

① Participants’ ferry: The organizing committee will send vehicles at the designated sites to make round trip ferry between the county and the starting point with full seats to start. Participants can also choose other vehicles to the starting point.

② End race transfer: the place covers the final points of all groups to the designated sites in the county, and the time will last for one hour later than the closing time of each group. Those participants with more than the prescribed time need to arrange vehicles by themselves.

二. Deposit and transfer of clothing bags

1. Participants of all groups can deposit the clothing bag 15 minutes earlier before the race (except for 7km组除外), which will be sent to the final point of each group by the organizing committee. The participants can get their closing bags after ending the race with the number cloth, while the unfinished participants can get theirs at the designated site of the visitor center of (north gate) the Langshan scenic area with their number cloth after the closing time.

2. Participants of 100-km group can deposit their change package (supply package) at the designated site of the starting point, which will be arranged to be transported to the designated change points by the organizing committee.

3. Valuables like cash, jewelries and electronics are prohibited to be put into the supply packages and clothing bags, or you’ll be responsible for any problems.

4. Time and place for change package deposit: 14:30~19:00 at May 18, and 10:00~22:00 at May, 2018 at the designated site of the north gate of Langshan scenic area.


VII Race Schedule


VIII Contact Information

1. The official website: http://www.yufengtiyu.cn

2. The official e-mail address: xx100trail@163.com

3. WeChat Groups:

Group 1 for Xiaoxiang 100 Trial Series Communication (full)

Group 3 for Xiaoxiang 100 Trial Series Communication (accessible to be applied)

Please don’t apply repeatedly!

4. WeChat Official Account: 潇湘100 (Xiaoxiang 100)

5. Application Hotline: Qu Zhangping, 18807424146

6. Business Cooperator: Liao Feng, 13367302520

7. Official Hotel Reservation Hotline: Cao Jin, 15616226412

8. Timing Cooperator: Zhang Youqing, 18942509879

The organizing committee has the right of final interpretation of the procedures above. For more event information, please pay attention to follow the WeChat official account:“潇湘100” (Xiaoxiang 100).